Artisan jewelry shop and school for weddings and events

JulietCap helps to create beauty!

Welcome to JulietCap, our project of artisan handmade jewelry.

In our shop you can find headdresses, jewelry and accessories for weddings, communions and other events such as Christmas or other special occasions, created in our workshops in Pontevedra and Alicante, Spain, for brides, guests and young girls.

Featured products in our shop

Hair comb P084
Headdress T077
Headdress T114
Diadem D093
Headdress T088
Diadem D099
Diadem D077
Earrings E094

Our creations are unique handmade products that will make you feel very special. If you are looking for a special or personalized piece, and you cannot find it in our store, it can be made to measure.

For those who want to learn how to create beauty, we invite you to our online school.