Tool Selection Checklist

Tool Selection Checklist
Tool Selection Checklist

To start making beauty with your own hands, it is not enough to buy beads and wire. No craftswoman can do without tools.

Now on sale there are a huge number of tools that differ in their purpose, quality and price.

It is not absolutely necessary to immediately buy all possible tools, because at the initial stage you can get by with only a few, and buy more as needed.

We have compiled this checklist so that you can buy everything you need to work and not spend extra money.

  • Flush Cutter Plier

Used to cut wire, pins, fishing line, etc. in any jewelery making technique. It can be replaced with scissors (preferably with fine tips, such as manicure) or tweezers.

  • Round Nose Plier

Used to form rings in wires or pins, to make coils or springs. It can be replaced with needle-nose pliers, as well as various cone-shaped sticks, such as knitting needles.

  • Needle Nose Plier

Used to bend the cable, fasten the end elements and press the ends of the cable. It can be replaced with round nose pliers and, in the case of thick wire or accessories, with universal pliers.

  • Glue gun

Used to glue tape or ribbons on the back of a crown, tiara, comb, so that the ends of the wire do not injure the scalp. It is not recommended to replace with another adhesive composition.

And of course:

  • comfortable chair and table
  • good lighting
  • boxes or organizers for each type of beads, tools and wire

We wish you creative success!

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