Basic course  "Jewelry Designer"
Basic course  "Jewelry Designer"  1
Basic course  "Jewelry Designer"  2

Basic course "Jewelry Designer"

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We offer a basic course on creating jewelry using the wire-wrap technique.

Our author's methodology for learning how to create jewelry in the wire-wrap and beads technique differs from many others. We do not suggest to twist a headdress or hairpin, but we learn all the techniques and details of the work, creating a crown on the bride's hairstyle. It may seem that it is a complex product that requires special training, but after our course you will be able to create any product using this technique.

Course participants:

  • Will receive a package with all the necessary materials to complete the course and create a crown in a gift box, which can be used when selling finished crown.
  • Will master basic wire-wrap techniques on the example of a crown and earrings.
  • Will acquire stable skills that allow further independent creative development
  • Can start earning money creating unique designer jewelry.

The package includes:

  • Creating a crown and earrings
  • A set of materials for making jewelry in a gift box with free shipping in Spain (shipping rates to other countries you can check during checkout)
  • 8 hours of individual online course in a convenient way
  • Instructor's follow up and feed back during the course
  • Home works
  • Tool selection list


  • 2 hours of additional classes
  • Master class of making a decorative element

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